Going from MS Excel to an EAM (Enterprise Asset Management System)

Organizations that are growing quickly end up using MS Excel for keeping track of their assets. Who doesn’t love Excel? It’s an amazing tool that makes visualizing small to moderate amounts of data so easy. It’s flexible and doesn’t have a ton of rules. But there comes a point in any process where the lack of rigidity presents a problem for data integrity. And when data sets get so large, Excel becomes too unwieldy of a tool.



MS Excel is such a great tool for managing data, but severely limited when you’re managing a large number of complex assets.


This is often when organizations go to an MS Access database. So similar to Excel, but with additional power and configurability. But what if there was a better way?


Value of an EAM

A modern EAM (enterprise asset management system) can ingest the treasure troves of data stored in Excel. Whether that’s asset-specific information, usage data, maintenance records, or more, leverage current data with a system that provides tools to make use of this information that’s been collected. Provide a database-backed source of truth without version control issues (or needing to check file names) with an instantly updated web-based system.

A great feature of EAM systems is that they can provide summary notifications and alerts either in real-time or at needed time intervals. This is probably the biggest advantage in moving from Excel or other home-grown solutions, the help with notifications. Making sure everyone on a team is driven by consistent communication is vital to keeping everyone on the same page.


Conmitto’s Solution

Conmitto Manager was built to be the next step for organizations as they outgrow using MS Excel for asset management. The platform provides a simple step to ingest current data, and a simple interface for Operations Managers, Maintenance Managers, and Techs to have one source of truth about their equipment. Pricing is user-based so it scales up or down with your organization. And there are great features out of the box, as well as a sandbox environment that is ready to be customized for specific IoT or sensor-based equipment to capture even more meaningful data from operations.



Regardless of your business size or industry, you need an EAM if high equipment reliability is a priority.  The systems will greatly reduce your labor costs in the long run and boost productivity day-to-day.

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