What if your physical goods-based business, a manufacturing operation, warehousing operation, or even a commercial real estate operation, could get the configurable software you needed, without an up-front or high arbitrary monthly fee?

Software built for warehouse and manufacturing workers.

Conmitto Manager is the first-of-its-kind SaaS (Software as a Service) system that charges a sliding scale of the value of products or assets that you list and manage using the software.

Core Features

For example, if your business makes face masks and shields, you can use Conmitto Manager to plan Production runs, manage Inventory across multiple facilities, track Sales and Purchase orders, and consolidate financials by month, quarter, or year. All for a percentage of the gross merchandise value, which is typically around 1% (there may be slightly more based on features and configurations in your organization account).

No fixed-price software means that we can grow with you. It removes the need to build an arbitrary technology budget and just get going. Conmitto Manager has also worked at a department or team level at larger organizations. Why? Some organizations choose cumbersome software solutions, like ERP systems, that may be beneficial for Finance Pros in the head office but are a real challenge for workers on the ground. After starting Conmitto Manager with a department or team, we can help build an integration to other organization-wide software as needed.

Conmitto Manager works really well for organizations with a head office that makes capital planning decisions and Account Executives/Managers who act as independent businesses serving the needs of their own books of business. Organizations with this structure have historically struggled with implementing technology as their operations aren’t truly unified. Oftentimes “corporate” will make decisions based on a need to bring the hugely variable data that the different businesses may need together, providing a UX that doesn’t make sense or silos for data that make analysis difficult. Conmitto Manager’s advantage is its flexibility, both in functionality but also in adoption at a level of the business closer to “the action”.

We’d love to have a conversation with you to see what is working and what isn’t working with the technology your organization is using, especially in the realms of Warehouse Management, Asset Management, and Order Management software.

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