Data Analytics Consulting

Conmitto, Inc. has partnered with Northwestern University’s Data Science and Analytics Graduate Program to offer graduate student and distinguished faculty-led consulting teams for 10 weeks, 6 to 12 month, or on-demand data consulting projects.


The optimal clients for this hands-on, technical, and cutting-edge research include mid to large size heavy manufacturers, food manufacturers, logistics providers, and energy producers. The primary projects would be performing analysis on IIoT and other operational data to uncover trends on equipment and human performance, especially in business-critical assets, the primary focus of most Industry 4.0 transformations.


To get started, Conmitto connects Data Analytics or Operations leaders with a Northwestern faculty member who will help to define and identify projects based on specific data analysis needs. A faculty member with relevant experience for the project will be assigned to guide the project to completion. A Conmitto team member and this faculty member will be the primary point of contact throughout the project and afterward.