Take control of your warehouse schedule, improve your supply chain.

The Problem

Hours of valuable human productivity are wasted every day scheduling and rescheduling dock appointments at warehouses.

This problem is especially acute for multi-warehouse chains, it’s an added burden for an already over-burdened shipping & receiving team!

  • Late or inconsistent customer deliveries
  • Stoppage time due to missing materials
  • Overage charges by transportation providers for late pickups
  • Inventory shrinkage due to theft or loss

Dock Optimizer is the best solution for Warehouse Operators to eliminate the back and forth with dispatchers as well as streamlining reschedules and cancelled appointments. 

We don’t require accounts for ANY of your dispatchers or drivers, they can get started right away on their smartphone, tablets or computers for free. It’s easy for drivers and dispatchers to get their appointments into the system, and easy for your team to act on it. 

Our customer-friendly dashboard makes it easy to check-in for appointments, change them, manually add drop-ins, and get data reports on appointments across your warehouses.

Key Benefits

  • One static link for all Dock Scheduling needs. We support it so you don’t have to. We can help link it to your website and add links to email signatures so Dock Optimizer is shared effectively across the organization.
  • Email and SMS notifications are available for drivers, dispatchers, and shipping & receiving staff.
  • Check-in process for shipping & receiving to verify trucks at their appointment.

Pro Tier Additional Benefits
  • Real time data collection and on schedule adherence for detention or other fulfillment issues.
  • Create heat maps to visualize the most utilized appointment times and attendance trends.
  • Pre-built automated reports to share with dispatchers, ownership & executives, and customers.

Getting Started - one week or less

Schedule Planning

With a list of your facilities and their available hours, setup can begin. Whether it is one facility, or many with different schedules, Dock Optimizer has plans that can support your warehouse footprint needs.

Appointment Questions

With several pre-made templates, and flexibility to change based on your operations, we can help collect the right data for dock appointments to be successful.

Branding & Launch

Dock Optimizer provides a simple link that is accessible from any Internet connected device. We’ll also help to include this link in your branding  and other communication.

Administration by Shipping & Receiving Team

After setup, Warehouse Shipping & Receiving teams are set up on the Dock Optimizer portal. The Administration portal provides most of the back-office functionality like viewing upcoming appointments, checking drivers in for appointments, and  reviewing data on appointment attendance.

Warehouse Pricing


Starting at $199/month


Starting at $499/month


Starting at $999/month

Premium multi-warehouse support is an additional $99/month/warehouse. 

This gives multi- warehouse operators a tool to monitor usage, schedule adherence between facilities, and set different rules based on facility types (for example cold storage vs dry).

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