Manufacturing MRO

Conmitto Manager is your hub for Manufacturing MRO

Most manufacturing losses caused by equipment breakdowns are avoidable. Smart maintenance is the strategic way to avoid these losses caused by equipment breakdowns, increase availability, maximize production, and resources.

Firms are turning to data-driven asset and work management strategies to reduce maintenance, repair and operational (MRO) costs on aging assets without sacrificing safety or reliability. Conmitto Manager arms you with tools to fully implement your MRO strategy, and a marketplace of leading Asset & Service Specialists to augment your organization. 

From helping you maintain equipment within a facility to managing multiple assets across different factories, Conmitto Manager starts with you and expands with you.

Conmitto Manager makes factory maintenance efficient by:

  • Aggregating Asset and Inventory data across locations and business units
  • Evaluating and Purchasing Assets or Services from leading vendors
  • Helping managers assign teams to facilities and equipment to technicians based on multiple criteria
  • Documenting work processes for repeated maintenance success
  • Sending notifications to the right people during emergencies
  • Aiding preventive maintenance and planned maintenance
  • Managing maintenance inventory
  • Adding predictive maintenance and AI capabilities via Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub



Why Conmitto Manager for Manufacturing MRO?

Enterprise functionality with zero complexity

Conmitto Manager is feature-rich to help you track, plan and execute an efficient MRO strategy. Equipment maintenance is complex, and skilled technicians are in high demand, Conmitto Manager helps to streamline workflows and give access to leading service providers when you need them. 

Cloud based and ready to use in minutes

Conmitto Manager is Microsoft Azure Certified and completely cloud-based. Conmitto provides multiple options for hosting and additional services to configure Conmitto Manager for your Enterprise.




Smart. Mobile. No boundaries

Conmitto Manager is sophisticated, smart, and mobile-friendly. A simple mobile experience to keep everyone in the organization connected and aware of the MRO strategy.


Configurable to your Enterprise.

With Conmitto Manager, what you pay for is what you get. It does not matter the size of your company, Conmitto Manager starts with a simple, usage-based monthly subscription fee.

Conmitto also offers further customization of Conmitto Manager, like connecting to outside hardware and sensors (via Microsoft Azure’s IoT Hub), based on your business needs to make Conmitto Manager your source-of-truth for MRO management and procurement.