Commercial Real Estate

Automated Sanitation & Supply Management System to prevent the spread of infections in commercial spaces, from Offices to Restaurants and beyond.

The Problem

Pandemics and epidemics have caused serious economic and health distress to entire countries – with offices, hotels, restaurants and meeting spaces taking a larger proportion of the pain than most industries

Looking ahead, greater visibility is critical to reinforce to customers, and other stakeholders including employees, vendors and critical service staff that health & sanitation protocols are being performed consistently.


New protocols require managing additional sanitation tasks, validating spaces & equipment are sanitized, and ensuring adequate supplies are on-hand. 

Facility Operators are seeking a software solution that bridges:

  • Facilities
  • Equipment
  • Inventory Management
  • Task Management
  • Reporting & Real-Time Alerts

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing organizations to stay ahead of outbreaks or face devastating consequences.

Regular and consistent sanitation and disinfection is one way that Facility Operators can fight periodic bursts of infections. Critical to preventing large scale spread in any organization, is locating regularly used assets and keeping up with their maintenance and disinfection/sanitization.

Conmitto provides asset, facilities, and inventory tracking solutions that goes beyond the traditional software vendors.

Apart from tracking and managing inventory, we provide a scheduling system for sanitization and disinfection of your facilities, as well as your
equipment. Our system frees users from tedious and manual processes enabling teams to do more while on the go.

Conmitto’s facility management system can facilitate single facility organizations to massive global real estate portfolios. 

Combining disinfection and sanitization processes, and assigning personnel to different areas bolsters accountability and improved long-term outcomes. This in turn creates a seamless and traceable flow of data to find potential for improvement.

Our Solution

Inventory Management

Inventory management is an important part of any large organization – and an automated system goes the extra mile by saving your institution both time and money. Apart from monitoring how and when equipment is used, you’ll be able to keep track of when equipment is cleaned and disinfected. Having an integrated digital system ensures that you prevent hoarding, inventory shrink, and even stock-outs. Using Conmitto, you will be able to find where your inventory is at any moment by checking your desktop computer or any smartphone device on hand. Best of all, with integrated smartphone barcode scanning, no new hardware is required.

Asset Management

Our system collects data in real-time. This means that you are able to track how each piece of equipment and facility is used and the frequency of use. Having this information on hand helps budgeting decisions, policy-making, overall usage. Conmitto’s scheduling tools helps your organization keep track of both sanitization and maintenance to ensure continuity of operations.

Improved Workflows

Through the workflow system provided by Conmitto, making sure sanitation and inspection protocols are followed by all staff members just got easier. On completion of tasks, i.e. inspection and sanitation, staff members can be required to share verification items, for example taking a photo to show completion or filling in a report on how protocol was observed. These measures can be used to demonstrate an organization’s dedication to maintaining high standards of hygiene.

Conmitto’s scheduling software makes assigning tasks effortless. Administrators can quickly assign duties to staff members and staff members get a list of what their duties are for each day based on their location and availability. Simple workflows help ensure sanitation measures are properly followed.

Get in touch to find out how Conmitto can help your Warehouse run better.

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    Conmitto's Suite of Features

    Asset Management
    • Location and asset management
    • Reports on usage and status
    • Maintenance and repair planning
    INventory Management
    • Unique ID for inventory procurement
    • Inventory and materials catalog
    • Facility sanitation management
    improved staff workflow
    • Stand-alone sanitation protocol
    • Integrated supplier controls
    • Assign duties to personnel in the field

    Get in touch to find out how Conmitto can help your Warehouse run better.

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