Consignment Warehouses

The Problem

Managing a consignment warehouse is hard, oftentimes driven by the complexity of managing goods from a multitude of different suppliers, and fulfilling orders to various customers, this on top of managing a facility with complex and specialized assets and a large team.

Consignment warehouse operators are searching for a cost-eff:

  • Assets & Equipment needed to facilitate this complex workflow and managing their maintenance and repairs
  • Warehouse space requirements for goods storage
  • Planning needed on-hand inventory
  • Coordinating logistics for inbound and outbound shipments
Today, systems help organizations solve one or two of these crucial pain points, leaving Consignment Warehouse operators oftentimes in the dark about how their complex businesses are running.

Conmitto helps by consolidating Maintenance, Repair and Operations for a Consignment Warehouses Facilities and Assets into one solution. This holistic and flexible view enables more accurate reporting, process planning, and even logistics management.

With Conmitto, view and manage the impact of every physical action across your organization from your Warehouse to your customer. Conmitto is available ready to use as a stand-alone platform, or as part of a connected solution.

Our Solution

Inventory & Materials Catalog

  • Import or Build a digital catalog for all pieces of unique inventory, across just one or any supplier
  • View quantities, locations and histories of your supply chain from one place

Warehouse Management

  • Segment Facilities into Racks, Pallets, Zones or your own naming preferences to have a holistic view of where critical goods are located and overall facility utilization
  • Set Safety Stock levels for critical Inventory needed by customers or Materials needed for onsite production or maintenance
  • Cross-platform mobile barcode scanning and printing. Minimal hardware required with Conmitto.

Order Management

  • Sales Order management from sales team with built in ordering and invoicing as well as integrations with CRM or procurement softwares
  • Purchase Order management for procurement teams to gain efficiency from usage of materials or inventory across production, operation or maintenance environments

Fulfillment Management

  • Track fulfillment of incoming and outgoing orders connected with orders themselves
  • Gain a team of logisticians with Conmitto’s logistics partners, helping to guide LTL, truckload, small pack and other shipping options to suit varied customer requirements and profitability goals

Conmitto's Suite of Features

Asset Management
  • Location and asset management
  • Reports on usage and status
  • Maintenance and repair planning
INventory Management
  • Unique ID for inventory procurement
  • Inventory and materials catalog
  • Facility sanitation management
improved staff workflow
  • Stand-alone sanitation protocol
  • Integrated supplier controls
  • Assign duties to personnel in the field

Get in touch to find out how Conmitto can help your Warehouse run better.

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