Conmitto helps Rail Transportation Operators manage and perform Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) across locomotives and facilities.

The Problem

Managing oftentimes old, expensive and long-lasting assets is tough. Rail operators have an even tougher challenge as their expensive assets are constantly on-the-move and require high levels of reliability. 

Current technology is fragmented and leaves holes in teams’ understanding of maintenance, repair and usage histories. This leads to lack of visibility into the scope of assets that an organization may have, leading to asset over-purchasing or missed signs to perform preventive rather than expensive reactive maintenance. 

All of these cases are caused by a lack of a unified Technology + Services model where long-term asset history is combined with accurate maintenance & repair logs. This way, Rail operators and even their suppliers can be on the same page about the status of the critical assets needed to keep our economy moving.

Our Solution

Operators will improve asset utilization, reduce the likelihood of a major costly repair, and decrease total operational costs. Conmitto makes it easy to input information manually, or by integrating data currently in places like spreadsheets or ERPs. Conmitto helps Rail Transportation Operators manage vendors and services orders, enabling their team to access information on-the-go and easily order and manage maintenance or repair services when needed.

Turn insights into actions with Conmitto's network of Specialty Maintenance & Repair Labs.

Conmitto's Suite of Benefits

Asset Management

– Manage Statuses, Maintenance and Repairs for locomotives and railcars, cataloging and tracking them by subcomponent
– Add sensors or input data that was previously manual
– Facilitate external stocking or scrapping with Specialty Maintenance and Repair labs, maintaining visibility from Conmitto

Facility Management

– Sanitation management for shipping and employee areas – View an entire footprint in smaller, labeled sections and set territories for tasks to be performed – Manage external facility inspections and report inspection results

Supply Chain Management

– Track and manage the locations of goods across warehousing facilities
– Set safety stock thresholds for critical materials to prevent outages

Conmitto is the only provider of an OEM-agnostic Technology + Services offering so we can offer a complete Rail MRO solution.


Asset Management
  • Location and asset management
  • Reports on usage and status
  • Maintenance and repair planning
  • Track total cost of ownership
INventory Management
  • Unique ID for inventory procurement
  • Inventory and materials catalog
  • Facility sanitation management
  • Mobile barcode creation and scanning
improved staff workflow
  • Stand-alone sanitation protocol
  • Integrated supplier controls
  • Assign duties to personnel in the field

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