Conmitto Manager: Built for total efficiency for maintenance teams and machines

Conmitto Manager is tailored to support industrial organizations MRO teams by offering easy PM and Vendor Order workflows, increased Asset search efficiency, and configurable dashboards & reports to get everyone the insights they need.

User-Centric Dashboard, Tailored To You

Whether it’s your inventory, scheduled maintenance, work orders, or earliest time to repair, Conmitto Manager dashboard puts all the information you need to improve performance in your hands, where you want it and when you want it.

Easy Asset Onboarding, Seamless Migration

Conmitto Manager makes it easy to upload your asset data for the first time or to migrate your asset data in CSV or Excel format, or from other ERP and CMMS systems.

Create and Monitor PM and Vendor Orders from Anywhere.

Easily create, delegate, schedule and track multiple work orders from your mobile device, tablet or personal computer. See who’s doing what, when, and receive notifications when work orders are complete anywhere you are.

Never Miss A Maintenance Schedule

Conmitto Manager allows managers to set planned maintenance parameters: date, time, meter readings, and allow users to automatically create and assign work orders.

You can also create a thread of all your preventive maintenance schedules, stacked based on set parameters and work orders.

Use the functionality of our built-in, drag-and-drop calendar to balance maintenance schedules for each technician or team.  

Inventory Management, Everywhere You Go

Optimize inventory levels, create purchase orders, track supplies and parts orders from anywhere through Conmitto Manager’s inventory management system.

Reports When and Where You Want

Take away the hassle of creating a detailed report for quick, data-based managerial decision making. Conmitto Manager comes with professional reporting functionality with editable templates, report scheduling and automatic notifications through email, text, or push notifications.

All Sites, One Conmitto Manager

Conmitto Manager lets you manage assets from different sites around the world with its multi-site capabilities. It comes with the flexibility to set site-specific restrictions, teams, reports, and real-time monitoring of maintenance activities of all your assets around the world.

Integrate With Other Software

Use our pre-built API and connectors to securely integrate time-series data streams, or ERP systems to receive asset monitoring data, critical sensor data, meter readings, and other asset data necessary for preventive and predictive maintenance.