A need for organization-wide logistics planning to improve profitability and customer outcomes

Supply Chain Management solutions start and end with an organization’s facilities, oftentimes leaving transportation, a vital cost and risk center, as a “black box” during operations.

Organizations turn to freight brokers and managed transportation providers (3PLs) of different types depending on their needs to match the right type of freight with the transportation mode that is most effective.

What if organizations could embed their 3PLs deeper into their Production, Warehousing and Facility Operations processes to more proactively plan logistics, rather than reactively? 

It’s almost like having a team of logisticians join your organization. 

Logisticians, as a complement to your staff

Conmitto takes the approach of integrating Production and Warehousing directly with Order and Fulfillment Management, connecting outcomes with the processes needed to achieve them. 

Plan Inventory or Material orders from Suppliers. Either manually track Orders and their underlying Shipments, or let Conmitto and one of our 3PL partners, like Backhaul Direct, help with fulfillment. 

From BOL tracking to setting safety stock levels to integrated barcode scanning at receiving, Conmitto and our 3PL partners make logistics work better for you.

Why Conmitto?

Inventory Management

Inventory management is an important part of any large organization – and an automated system goes the extra mile by saving your institution both time and money. Apart from monitoring how and when equipment is used, you’ll be able to keep track of when equipment is cleaned and disinfected. Having an integrated digital system ensures that you prevent hoarding, inventory shrink, and even stock-outs. Using Conmitto, you will be able to find where your inventory is at any moment by checking your desktop computer or any smartphone device on hand. Best of all, with integrated smartphone barcode scanning, no new hardware is required.

Asset Management

Our system collects data in real-time. This means that you are able to track how each piece of equipment and facility is used and the frequency of use. Having this information on hand helps budgeting decisions, policy-making, overall usage. Conmitto’s scheduling tools helps your organization keep track of both sanitization and maintenance to ensure continuity of operations.

Improved Workflows

Through the workflow system provided by Conmitto, making sure sanitation and inspection protocols are followed by all staff members just got easier. On completion of tasks, i.e. inspection and sanitation, staff members can be required to share verification items, for example taking a photo to show completion or filling in a report on how protocol was observed. These measures can be used to demonstrate an organization’s dedication to maintaining high standards of hygiene.

Conmitto’s scheduling software makes assigning tasks effortless. Administrators can quickly assign duties to staff members and staff members get a list of what their duties are for each day based on their location and availability. Simple workflows help ensure sanitation measures are properly followed.

Customer Example

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