Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance With Conmitto CMMS

Preventive maintenance (PM) is every precaution, correction, part replacement and general maintenance activities carried out on your working equipment to reduce the likelihood of a breakdown.

Unlike run-to-failure maintenance that you carry out after the machine is allowed to run-to-fail, preventive maintenance is routine and scheduled based on usage or time prompts. A general example is the scheduled servicing of your company’s vehicle after every 6,000 miles. It could also be a seasonal trigger to service your air-conditioner annually before summer.

For preventive maintenance to succeed, all resources are made available ahead of time, tasks are assigned, and schedules are followed through.  Conmitto CMMS comes in to help your organization succeed at preventive maintenance by putting the right information and access to quality service in the right hands.

When to perform Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is suitable for assets that have a high tendency of failure with continuous use over time. Such assets require prompts for servicing at intervals as determined by the technicians.


There is also the need to practice preventive maintenance if your assets have failure modes you can prevent through regular maintenance. Preventive maintenance also suits assets with a high operational function that can ground production in the event of a breakdown. You should give such assets priority preventive maintenance.

When not to perform preventive maintenance

As a general rule, you do not need preventive maintenance if your company’s assets do not serve a critical operational function or if they usually have random bouts of failures that are unpreventable through maintenance.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance comes with a significant promise of cost savings and safety through planning to eliminate avoidable overhead costs that would normally be incurred from reactive maintenance and reducing the safety risk of a sudden asset breakdown.

From reducing spend on procuring and shipping parts to cutting waste from production breakdowns, preventive maintenance saves three to nine times the cost of unplanned reactive maintenance.

Measures for preventive maintenance cost reduction include gathering all required supplies, parts, and personnel before maintenance to reduce repair time, and scheduling maintenance to coincide with production downtime.

When compared to other complex strategies such as condition-based monitoring, preventive maintenance further saves cost that could be incurred to acquire condition monitoring equipment, gather, and analyze asset condition monitoring data.

Drawbacks of Preventive Maintenance

While less complex maintenance strategies like reactive maintenance do not require planning, preventive maintenance comes at a (sometimes high) cost of time and resources as are necessary for planning.

There is also the risk of doing too much or too little preventive maintenance, especially if the maintenance frequencies are not optimized.

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