Assets & Equipment

A digital, real-time catalog of the assets & equipment that keep your organization running.

The Problem

Organizations utilize Assets & Equipment from various suppliers for an endless range of functions, from Manufacturing to Managing a Supply Chain and to Interfacing with customers. 

Managing this web of Assets & Equipment requires relevant data currently spread across software systems, dashboards and spreadsheets. This makes it nearly impossible to have a real-time and holistic view of Asset Utilization and Total Cost of Ownership, as different teams may be relying on different metrics or disparate information.

Software solutions have been tried, but abandoned due to a need for too much expensive hardware, or a lack of a comprehensive enough view of the entire organization.

Our Solution

Conmitto tracks the Health, Status, Maintenance and Usage of your Assets & Equipment. With our flexible solutions, gain one source of truth for all of your Assets & Equipment that is not OEM or function specific. 

This means greater flexibility to work with the Assets & Equipment that your organization requires, whether they are new or old. Conmitto offers the ability to leverage IoT data sources for real-time status tracking, where applicable.

A well crafted software and hardware solution provides superior, longer-lasting results, so Conmitto offers direct integration with the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite of Devices. This gives immediate access to a range of telemetry, sensor, and tracking devices to leverage a host of real-time data sources for Asset & Equipment operations.

Getting Started

Build a Catalog

Build or import detailed templates to put Asset & Equipment information at everyone’s fingertips

Track Uniques

Tag and track all Assets & Equipments to view information like location and production status

Create Maintenance Plans

Time, usage and reactive maintenance plans. 

Order Repairs and Parts

Get support from leading Repair Specialists & Vendors to proactively order parts and services. 

Conmitto's Suite of Features

Asset Management
  • Location and asset management
  • Reports on usage and status
  • Maintenance and repair planning
INventory Management
  • Unique ID for inventory procurement
  • Inventory and materials catalog
  • Facility sanitation management
improved staff workflow
  • Stand-alone sanitation protocol
  • Integrated supplier controls
  • Assign duties to personnel in the field

Get in touch to find out how Conmitto can reduce the total cost of ownership of your Assets & Equipment.

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