View Production Lines, Plan Production Schedules and Track Production Statuses Simply and Efficiently.

The Problem

Production planning software is oftentimes inflexible, and difficult to use for workers and non-experts. Without everyone’s buy-in information can become stale, or entered inaccurately. Previous top-down and hierarchically administered software systems (ERP, MRP, MEP, etc.) are expensive and often only available to executive-level decision makers. All of this means translates into decreased efficiency on the Production floor and more information to be shared manually posing an even greater challenge as workforces change and adapt.

Our Solution

From manual processes to high-precision engineering, Conmitto helps provide information and oversight for Production environments.

Conmitto helps manufacturers consolidate their production intelligence into one simple-to-use tool.  Any of your Assets can be linked together into a Production Line. Create notifications for an entire Production Line to stay up-to-date on production or any stoppage.

Plan and track throughput from each Production Line. Plan maintenance or repairs intelligently by viewing each Asset and it’s attributes independently and as part of the Production Line.

Finally, tie your Production to your Supply Chain to ensure sufficient Raw Materials are on-hand, or to stop production if Sales Orders are cancelled or there is limited current warehouse capacity for finished Inventory.

Let Conmitto help connect your manufacturing environment. Our cross-functional approach helps to make sense of production and it’s impact within your organization’s operations.

Core Production Functionality

Production Lines & Templates

Simply build Production Lines as they exist in your facilities, tracking each Asset comprising a functioning line. Track the health, availability and maintenance of the underlying Assets & Equipment that make up each Production line for improved visibility. Create Production Line alerts if any errors or issues are reported or sensed.

Track Raw Materials needed and Finished Goods produced in what quantities and expectations based on time or labor availability.

Production Output Tracking

Compare actual output with forecasts to track efficiency and any process bottlenecks. Use automated data sources or manual entry depending on your Production environment.

Track Finished Goods produced in real-time, and plan their warehousing location or outgoing shipment details as they are produced. Prevent the excess accumulation of work in progress (WIP) or inventory by connecting Production Planning with Supply Chain Management. Conmitto’s cross-functional approach helps make this easy.

Personnel Management

Conmitto’s scheduling software makes assigning shifts and tasks simple. Administrators can view skills and/or approved Assets & Equipment for each staff member, assign duties, and provide a list of duties are based on staff location and availability. Simple workflows help ensure alerts are delivered and properly followed. Set up additional flags for accountability, like requiring a Photo for specific actions.

Conmitto's Suite of Features

Asset Management
  • Location and asset management
  • Reports on usage and status
  • Maintenance and repair planning
INventory Management
  • Unique ID for inventory procurement
  • Inventory and materials catalog
  • Facility sanitation management
improved staff workflow
  • Stand-alone sanitation protocol
  • Integrated supplier controls
  • Assign duties to personnel in the field

Get in touch to find out how Conmitto can help your Warehouse run better.

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