Supply Chain Management

Inventory, Material and Logistics Management to keep track of the goods needed to keep your organization running.

The Problem

Moving between Logistics, Warehousing and Production in many organizations there are oftentimes “black boxes” holding functional teams back from understanding the big picture. This lack of connectivity between teams leads to:

  • Late or inconsistent customer deliveries
  • Stoppage time due to missing materials
  • Overage charges by transportation providers for late pickups
  • Inventory shrinkage due to theft or loss

Our Solution

Conmitto provides a holistic view of Incoming and Outgoing Inventory & Materials. Track shipments, goods and quantities that are on-hand, as well as other data like their value, intended use and suppliers/customers. 

With Conmitto’s Supply Chain Management functionality, track goods from Suppliers through Production through Warehousing through Shipment to customers.

Getting Started

Build a Catalog

Build or import detailed Inventory and Materials to put information at everyone’s fingertips. Whether it’s a simple upload or data integration, or a fresh start to your Catalog Conmitto helps manage the goods that your organization needs.

Track Quantities

View in real-time what Inventory is available to sell, Raw Materials ready to be processed, and Materials on hand to keep the enterprise running.

Warehouse Planning

Layout facilities into smaller zones with Conmitto’s simple and flexible location management system to track capacity and usage across the enterprise.

Logistics & Fulfillment

Connect Sales and Purchase Orders to Shipping records to have a top-down view of goods moving in and out of Facilities. Manage Customers, Suppliers and Intra-Facility transfers with ease, ensuring that accurate data is collected and analyzed in your supply chain.

Conmitto's Suite of Features

Asset Management
  • Location and asset management
  • Reports on usage and status
  • Maintenance and repair planning
INventory Management
  • Unique ID for inventory procurement
  • Inventory and materials catalog
  • Facility sanitation management
improved staff workflow
  • Stand-alone sanitation protocol
  • Integrated supplier controls
  • Assign duties to personnel in the field

Get in touch to find out how Conmitto can help your Warehouse run better.

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