Stephen Gould – Sales to Sourcing

Warehouse & Order Management for the largest custom product and packaging solutions provider in the United States.​

The Problem

A new PPE product line has been kicked off; that means sourcing products sometimes from new suppliers, storing products, creating a new production plan, and fulfilling orders to multiple new customers. Legacy IT systems can pose a hurdle during times where your organization needs to change quickly. Organizations find themselves moving to less than ideal approaches.

Currently, inventory management, production scheduling, order planning and fulfillment are manual processes tracked on a shared spreadsheet. While this gives flexibility, it leaves opportunity for human error, it lacks notifications, and it is limited to text based information (what can fit in a spreadsheet “cell”).


Stephen Gould tapped Conmitto’s freight partner, BackHaul Direct to manage freight for the new product line. 

Conmitto helps provide a direct view into Stephen Gould’s facility to integrate logistics planning with the rest of operations.

Conmitto Solution - Sales to Sourcing™

Conmitto provides a complete Supply Chain Management Solution

Other Solutions​

Stephen Gould had used other WMS and SCM offerings for managing their operations in the past.

Some of the factors that contributed to their disuse were:

  • Lack of simple connectivity to other systems
  • Desktop rather than mobile oriented
  • Lack of support and updates in the recent years
  • A need for expensive hardware for scanning and printing
Historically, new technology was not flexible or available enough to meet the fast-paced needs of Stephen Gould’s team.

Looking ahead

BOL Automation

Using OCR and AI to automate creation of Bills of Lading for incoming and outgoing system, based on NMFC standards

3D Packing & Sizing

Mobile visualization for optimizing warehouse and in-transit packaging based on Stephen Gould’s real shelf, receiving and trucking data

Safety Stock AI

Using production and inventory data to help proactively order the right materials, at the right time, from the right supplier with the right transportation provider to get the job done

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