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The Winners on the Frontline​


Thanks A Million is an initiative from the Illinois Lottery to recognize and celebrate essential workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. While many of us are not on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all know someone who is. Let’s thank them personally. 

The Illinois Lottery turned to Flowers Communications Group and Conmitto, two long-time partners, to bring this program to life

Program overview
  • Illinoisans can thank frontline workers by giving them a “shout out of thanks” by posting on the Illinois Lottery A Million Thanks page built by Conmitto.
  • A personal message thanking a front line worker that they may know or has touched their lives in some way during COVID-19. It could be a family member that is a nurse or doctor, a clerk at their local grocery store, a police officer, dog walker, teacher, husband, mom, mailman fireman, or paramedic.

The Program

  • Feature Thanks a Million messages of Illinois players and/or frontline workers on the Interactive billboards in Chicago
  • Residents can go to a secure, branded website (powered by Conmitto) to nominate local hero(es)
  • Interactive billboards feature these messages and encourage others to provide their nominations
  • Conmitto facilitates receiving, vetting, and preparing submissions for the Interactive billboards.
  • Program is amplified by a Social & PR campaign encouraging people to tag the person they are thanking 
  • A “social wall” on the branded site is created for posts across social media using the program hashtag: #thnxamillion
  • Use YouTube Live to broadcast the Trivision board on the branded website

Conmitto’s automated response collection and billboard image creation saves hundreds of hours for the Illinois Lottery a month, so their team can focus on making an impact and engaging with customers.

Our approach is to take ideas and find ways to use our platforms, or build new ones, to facilitate unique customer engagement. Conmitto’s automation helps save hundreds of hours for Camelot Illinois in building, running, and analyzing engagement campaigns.

Past Programs & Results​


Conmitto and Flowers Communications Group have been long-time partners helping the Illinois Lottery be at the events that their players go to. In the past this has meant large scale events like Chicago’s Lollapalooza and Taste of Chicago. 

With the Coronavirus Pandemic changing the nature of brand activations, the Illinois Lottery has moved to smaller format events that are broadcast live for players at home.

  • A live band plays music at a different Mariano’s store on Friday late afternoons
  • Flowers & Conmitto teams coordinate live streaming using Facebook Live, helping with production and fan moderation throughout
  • Fans are pointed to a link to a survey about their experience with the Illinois Lottery in exchange for entry into giveaways

Conmitto’s Live at Mariano’s campaign collects over 100 responses per virtual event, and helps automate the process of turning viewers into customers.

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